Parks Foundation Calgary hosted a public open house on January 29th. Over 100 people attended and the comments received were overwhelmingly positive. The detailed engineering design work has been awarded to Mack Slack & Associates Inc of Calgary. The schedule calls for completing the detailed design and inviting construction bids this summer to allow construction to start this year in compliance with timing restrictions for the protection of fish and fish habitat.

The Management and Stakeholders Committees met monthly throughout the year and, under the direction of Alberta Infrastructure & Transportation, the preliminary engineering design was completed. The Biophysical Impact Assessment is underway with extensive public input. A review of the design by a whitewater safety specialist from the United States was completed, and regulatory applications were submitted pursuant to the federal Fisheries Act and Navigable Waters Act, and the provincial Water Act.

Received project funding: During a funding presentation on March 21st Gordon Graydon, Minister of Gaming presented PFC with a $3.4 million cheque from the Province of Alberta through the Alberta Lottery Fund. The Calgary Foundation and the City of Calgary also participated in the presentation and will contribute $2 million and $1 million to the project respectively.

Commissioned Golder Associates to proceed to detailed design under project management by Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation. Work is proceeding under direction of Management Committee made up of City, AENV, Parks Foundation Calgary and Calgary Foundation and Stakeholder Advisory committee.

Completed additional technical studies on protection of groundwater wells and prediction of flood levels.

Parks Foundation formed a project team, chaired by Barry Worbets, to
create this newest addition to Calgary’s river park system.

Numerous public meetings and with politicians.

Funding obtained for next level of engineering design study. The consultant’s report, Pre-Design Report of the Preferred Alternatives to Modify the Western Headworks Weir, was completed on April 7th, 2003.

BWCC obtained a grant of $30,000 (plus funds of their own and from others donors) to complete a pre-feasibility study. Met with technical groups and held public meeting in November 2000. Wide public support expressed. Report completed in January 2001.

Bow Waters Canoe Club representatives met with Alberta Environment (the owners and operators of the weir) to ask that the weir be modified to eliminate the drowning hazard, allow small non-motorized passage and improve the natural function of the river such as fish passage, while preserving the water diversion for irrigation.

River Valleys Committee expressed concerns about the safety and environmental issues around the weir since inception of the Committee in 1991.

Current structure built.

Several groups expressed concerns at that time that facility should be designed to accommodate fish and boat passage.

Original diversion structure constructed across the Bow River.