The Alberta Lottery Fund contributes to quality of life and reinvests gaming revenues in communities supporting volunteers, volunteer organizations and their community initiatives. Each year, the Alberta Lottery Fund supports thousands of public and community-based initiatives. As a major partner, the Alberta Lottery Fund is a proud supporter of the Calgary Bow River Weir Project. To find out more about the Alberta Lottery Fund, please visit

The Calgary Foundation, established in 1955, helps create a giving and caring community by identifying needs, convening groups around common concerns, making knowledgeable grants and facilitating philanthropy for the long term benefit of Calgary and area. The Calgary Foundation is a 360° grantor – distributing grants to all sectors of the charitable community – and is one of the fastest-growing community Foundations in Canada with assets of $299 million. Visit

The City of Calgary provides a vast array of services to the citizens of Calgary, including parks, recreational facilities, roads, buses, drinking water, sewers, fire prevention, police protection, social programs, and by-laws. It is central to The City’s mission to have high-quality parkland and recreational facilities available for Calgarians. Although the weir is owned and operated by the provincial government, The City is encouraging the redesign of the structure to foster positive recreational and educational use of the river and the parkland and natural areas which surround the weir. The City is contributing staff expertise and financial support to the project. For more information about The City of Calgary, please visit

Parks Foundation Calgary strives to make real the dreams of individuals, organizations and communities that wish to create parks and parks-related projects within Calgary. When you and your children play in a playground, or walk along a picturesque river pathway, or fly-fish in the Bow or Elbow River, or visit any number of environmental interpretive sites around town, Parks Foundation Calgary probably helped make it possible. So the significance and centrality of the weir site was immediately obvious and the Foundation’s mandate demanded that we take a principal role in advancing this project. To this date, we have been instrumental in facilitating dialogue and collaboration between partners and stakeholders, and we continue to coordinate the project’s overall administration. For more information, please visit

Original Donors, whose contributions set the Weir redevelopment process in motion…

Alberta Whitewater Association
Aquabatics Paddling Store
Bow River Basin Council
Bow Waters Canoe Club
Calgary Kayak Club
Kahanoff Foundation
Flyfishing Outfitters Association of Alberta
Parks Foundation, Calgary
McDougall Insurance
Trout Unlimited Canada
Western Irrigation District
Undercurrents Paddling Store