Alberta Environment

  • Provides technical information on existing works and operation
  • Participates in the review of Project design and operations
  • Accepts Project scope, intent, conceptual design, and operational requirements
  • Following Project commissioning, will assume ownership of additional works, including responsibility for ongoing operation and maintenance
  • Participates in the Management Committee
  • Attends Stakeholders Committee and public meetings

Alberta Infrastructure & Transportation

  • Provides project management services for the design, environmental assessment, construction and commissioning of the Project
  • Directs the activities of the Project consulting team
  • Provides procurement services for consulting services in accordance with departmental policies and procedures
  • Accepts final designs on behalf of the Province
  • Once adequate funding is confirmed, will procure construction contracting services in accordance with departmental policies and procedures
  • Reviews consultant and contractor invoices and recommends for payment
  • Ensures adequate technical review of all project elements
  • Participates in the Management Committee
  • Participates in Stakeholders Committee meetings, public meetings, and other consultation activities
  • Consults with regulatory agencies and prepare documentation for regulatory approvals for the Project on behalf of Parks Foundation Calgary or AENV, as appropriate
  • Coordinates with The City of Calgary and other directly affected parties.

Parks Foundation Calgary

  • Acts as Project Proponent
  • Ensures the Project’s vision, mission and objectives are achieved
  • Provides and controls all funding for the Project, including design, regulatory approvals, land acquisition, construction, mitigation and habitat compensation measures
  • In the event of approved cost increases, will lead the effort to secure additional funds
  • Maintains appropriate Project accounting records
  • Coordinates communications among Project team members and stakeholders
  • Maintains Project files
  • Complies with conditions in the funding agreement with Alberta Gaming
  • Chairs the Management Committee and provide recording secretary
  • Leads the Stakeholders Committee
  • Coordinates consultation with stakeholders
  • Organizes and leads public meetings to seek Project input and support
  • Maintains public and political support for the Project
  • Provides administration services for Management and Stakeholders Committee meetings, including preparing a record of meetings.

The City of Calgary

  • Participates in Management Committee
  • Provides technical information as required for the Project
  • Provides input to Project design and execution to enhance the park-like setting and facilitate aquatic rescue services
  • Completes design and construction of related facilities such as pathways, parking areas or enhancements to adjacent parks, within the City’s budget commitments
  • Keeps relevant City staff and elected officials informed of Project progress
  • Protects Calgary’s public interests in the design and construction of the Project.

The Calgary Foundation

  • Delegates day-to-day Project responsibilities to the Parks Foundation Calgary
  • Receives regular progress reports from the Parks Foundation Calgary
  • Attends Stakeholders Committee meetings
  • Organizes events to celebrate Project success
  • Continue public solicitation for community benefits associated with the Project.

The Management Committee
Parks Foundation Calgary (Chair)
The Calgary Foundation
Sylvan Agencies Insurance
Stakeholder Committee
Alberta Infrastructure & Transportation
Alberta Environment
The City of Calgary

The Management Committee represents the interests of the principal proponents and sponsors, with the intent of achieving successful implementation in accordance with the Project’s budget, vision, mission and objectives. The Management Committee provides executive direction to Alberta Infrastructure & Transportation’s project managers, provides project accountability to the funding organizations, acts in the best interests of Calgarians to protect public safety and recreational interests, and proactively seeks broad public input to inform Project decisions. More specifically, the Management Committee will:

  • Approve Project budget and schedule
  • Meet regularly to review project progress and budgets
  • Review proposals and agreements, as appropriate
  • Ensure the Project’s vision, mission and objectives are adhered to throughout the design and construction process
  • Provide direction to Alberta Infrastructure & Transportation’s project managers
  • Report regularly to the Stakeholders Committee and identify occasions when information or issues should be presented to stakeholders or public for review and comment
  • Respond to issues or questions raised through the consultation process.

Stakeholders Committee
The Stakeholders Committee offers regular input to the Management Committee with the intent of promoting and executing the Project to best accommodate the interests of potentially affected Calgarians. Members of the Stakeholders Committee represent the views and aspirations of their respective constituencies while respecting the interests of others, offer design and implementation advice, report progress to their respective constituencies, and participate in consultation outreach efforts on behalf of the Project. More specifically, the Stakeholders Committee will:

  • Review materials as the Project proceeds, to ensure adherence to the Project’s vision, mission and objectives and to provide suggestions and advice
  • Identify issues and opportunities related to the Project as it proceeds
  • Provide technical advice on aspects of the Project in areas of expertise
  • Provide public outreach.